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ECuTR ClearCisionTM System

NEW! ECuTR ClearCisionTM  System

Superior visualization and blade control.

The S2S Surgical ClearCisionTM Endoscopic Cubital Tunnel Release System safely allows complete release of the ulnar collateral ligament and fascia from the ulnar nerve.  Our unique instrumentation allows the soft tissues to be released from the ulna and humerus while protecting nerves.

All-in-one system

• Protects ulnar and superficial sensory nerves
• Atraumatic procedure
• Posterior Approach
    •  Improved access to proximal and distal aspect of nerve.
     • Minimizes chance of nerve subluxation
• 2.7mm scope & guide

The entire procedure can be performed safely and reliably through a 1.5cm - 2.0 cm incision with complete visualization of the entire release.