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The S2S Mission
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Our mission at S2S Surgical is to develop minimally invasive products for hand, wrist, and elbow surgery that enable surgeons to repair damaged tissues safely and quickly, allowing patients to recover faster and return to activities sooner with minimal pain. From our corporate headquarters in East Greenwich, RI, we work with teams of upper extremity surgeons to continue designing the most innovative and precise minimally invasive solutions for upper extremity surgery to provide better patient outcomes.
- S2S Surgical Management
Here is what people are saying about the S2S Surgical Procedures

"Success! I got my feeling back in my fingers after my Carpal Tunnel surgery. My hand is working again. The small  incision healed very  quickly."
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I was going to have the procedure done with the open incision, but I decided to have the Cubital Tunnel Release Endoscopically. Love the small incision, and I was back at work within two days!
I had a Trigger Finger Release done on one hand last year and it took months to recover. This time I had a Trigger Thumb Release and the incision was healed in just days! What a difference.